Scrunchies? Never heard of them.

Hi loves! Happy Fri-YAY!

I hope you all had a safe and fun Fourth of July! Today I am going to be talking about my all time favorite accessory…the hair scarf! I have been wearing these so much for the past two months because they really TIE my hair together? (pun kind of intended haha).

This trend is seriously the simplest way to elevate your hairstyle! Thanks to this #fab trend your basic bun, ponytail, or braid are going to get upgraded to a trend-setting look!

So, grab your favorite bandana or lightweight scarf and let’s get to accessorizing!

How to Wear It:

First things first, if you have a bandana or light weight scarf you will need to fold it before you just tie it up in your hair!

  1. Grab your scarf of choice
  2. Fold your bandana (or scarf) in half diagonally
  3. Roll the triangle into a thin strip (try to roll it tightly)
  4. Loop it under your pony
  5. Tie a basic knot at the top of the hair elastic
  6. And, BAM you’re done!

It’s as simple as that, now you have a chic ponytail! You can always do this at the end of your braid or around your messy bun! I know I (somehow) always find time to curl my hair, but sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I’ll just wrap a hair scarf around my pony tail and call it a day!

Now, I did have my hair curled in the pictures below (except one) but let’s just ignore that haha; however, it did really add some pop to my plain outfits!

**Shoutout to all my baby hairs who decided to make an appearance in my pics lol.

My Favorite Hair Scarves:

Polka Dot Scarf

On The Road Scarf Pony

Paisley Silk Mini Square Scarf

Heat Wave Printed Bandana

Well, that’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you all enjoyed reading about the hair accessory of the season because hair scarves are definitely having a moment right now and why shouldn’t it be? They will seriously complete your outfit so effortlessly and add so much dimension to your hair!

Will you be rocking a hair scarf this season? I know I will because it’s getting up to the 100’s here in San Diego so the last thing I want is my hair down in my face, making me sweat LOL!

‘Till next time!



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