Surprise! Double blog post today!

I’ve really been on my blogging game lately haha! But, I thought I would add on this second blog post “The Do’s and Don’ts of Beautycon LA” because I wish I had a blog post to read before I went to Beautycon for the first time!

Plus, I consider myself a Beautycon expert because I’ve been going for the past couple of years! I remember the first year of Beautycon was held in some small building that was not big enough to hold everyone who attended! You could literally feel everyone breathing down your neck! But, maybe the event planners of Beautycon didn’t know how big the turnout would be considering it was the first year!

I think they finally moved the location to the Los Angeles Convention Center back in 2014 which is a WAY better space for the amount of people who attend each year! Okay, I’m going to stop rambling about the history of Beautycon now lol so let’s get down to the Do’s and Don’ts of this beauty festival!

1. DO make a list of brands/influencers you want to see or download the Beautycon app.

Planning ahead is ALWAYS a great idea because then you have a set schedule of who you want to see, what lines you want to stand in, etc…This year I downloaded the Beautycon App and it was very helpful because I got to add my favorite brands and creators to a list that tells me the brands booth numbers, panel, and meet up times. The app also notified me when to “head over” to the main stage to watch a panel, it’s similar to the Coachella app.

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2. DON’T forget a portable phone charger.

Ugh girl the LAST thing you want is to be meeting your favorite influencer, getting ready to snap a pic with them, and have your phone die!! Then what do you do?! I mean you’ll have a photographic memory but a picture always lasts longer haha. Moral of the story bring a portable phone charger because you’ll for sure want to keep your phone alive and energized to snap lots of pics (and videos).

3. DO arrive early.

This year Beautycon opened at noon for general admission. With that being said, people were lined up as early as 9:30am!! That’s a little too early for me plus I had to drive up from San Diego and I was not trying to wake up at 6am to get there that early lol. But, I suggest getting there some what early (like 11am) so you are close to the front of the line. This year I got to Beautycon at exactly 12pm and I waited in line for a good 30 minutes because the line was SOOO long…it was literally insane! Next year, you will definitely be catching me in line a 11am haha.

4. DON’T wear uncomfortable shoes.

Props to those girls and guys who strut into Beautycon wearing heels or wedges. Seriously I wouldn’t be able to last more than an hour walking around the convention center in heels. I know this festival is all about going #GLAMAF but comfy tennis shoes or sandals will do! Make sure your outfit is not only cute but functional too!

5. DO watch panels.

Watching panels not only gives you a break from walking around all day but it’s also really inspiring to watch some of your favorite creators talk about topics they love and adore. This year I had the honor to watch Kim Kardashian’s Fireside Chat about the beauty industry and entrepreneurship, as well as Jordyn Woods’s panel about self-confidence and body image. It was honestly really inspiring to hear both of these successful ladies talk about the industry and self-confidence! When I was watching Kim’s panel she said “make sure that you surround yourself with people that are inspiring to you, that work hard, and have the same ideas as you”. That really stuck with me because it’s so true surrounding yourself with positive, inspiring people will only bring you up and not down. Overall, make sure you set time aside to watch some panels at Beautycon.

6. DON’T forget to bring a reusable water bottle.

Beautycon, will have refillable water stations so make sure to bring your reusable water bottle to help save the environment! Plus, do you really want to be wasting time waiting in a long line just for water when you could be watching a panel or looking a booths??

7. DO activate your wristband beforehand.

I highly suggest that you activate your wristband beforehand because it will save you SO much time! Since Beautycon is only 6 hours long (well at least for general admission) you don’t want to be wasting time standing in the will call line the day of the convention waiting to activate your bracelet. Believe it or not this convention actually goes by super fast!

8. DON’T waste time standing in line for random vendors.

Make sure to plan ahead and figure out which booths you want to go to before the convention. Every year when Beautycon releases the schedule I’ll take a good look at it and decide what brands/influencers I really want to see. By doing this I’m able to list my top brands that I want to hit up first, that way I’m not wasting time standing in a long line for a brand I don’t really care for.

9. DO have fun.

Going to Beautycon is such a special experience. There are quite a few things to remember, but on top of everything, have fun! Enjoy the brands, influencers, and amazing people you will meet! Listen carefully to the panels because you’ll leave them feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world! Lots of amazing memories will be made at Beautycon and will leave you feeling so happy.

10. Don’t carry a huge bag with you

A nice crossbody or mini backpack will do for this makeup convention because you’ll probably get a free bag from a vendor to carry your goodies in while walking around. Carrying a large tote or backpack just seems like a hassle plus it will take you longer to get through security!

I hope you beauties found this blog post helpful and will remember some of these Do’s and Don’ts if you attend Beautycon LA next year or another convention like IMATS!



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