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If you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I recently went to three Shawn Mendes concerts with my best friend Taylor. Yes, THREE lol. What can I say we love Shawn Mendes and concerts?!πŸ˜‚

In today’s blog post I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some pictures that I took and my experience sitting in a VIP Shawn Mendes Q+A. As well as answer some questions like…

Was it worth it? Does everyone get to ask a question? How long was Q+A?

I’ll also be talking about the outfits I wore to each show. Usually, when I go to a concert I want to look cute but stay comfy. I’m there to have a good time dancing ALL night long and I can’t do that if I’m wearing something uncomfortable like boots or platforms lol.

So let’s get into it!

β˜† The Outfits β˜†

***Concert Tip: I suggest bringing a clear fanny pack (or bag) to any concert you go to because most of the time venues will want you to bring in a clear bag. Plus, it just makes it easier when you go through security because all you have to do is show them your clear bag. That way you don’t have to unzip anything! The fanny pack I bring to literally EVERY concert I go to is the Ariana Grande ‘Sweetener World Tour’ fanny pack I got off her website for $8! You can purchase it here.

LA Night 1 Show: Cute and Casual

Top – Brandy Melville ‘Alexis’ Halter Top (wow love the name of that top😏)

Skirt – Forever 21 Studded Denim Mini Skirt (similar)

LA Night 2 Show: A little more dressy

Romper – Β Abercrombie & Fitch Womens Tie-Front Romper

San Diego Show: Matchy Matchy

Top – Target Wild Fable Women’s V-Neck Lace Trim Cami (black)

Pants – Abercombie & Fitch doesn’t sell the exact jeans I was wearing in the picture anymore, sorry:((.

Choker – Brandy Melville Star ChokerΒ (similar)

Scrunchie – Brandy Melville Pink Cheetah Print Scrunchie

Also, just a little disclaimer I wore the same white shoes to all three shows because they’re super comfy and go with everything LOL. I call them my “concert shoes.” I got them from Target a long time ago so I wasn’t able to find the exact ones! But, I linked similar ones here.

β˜† The Experience β˜†

Going to a concert is ALWAYS a good idea! They are so much fun to go to because nothing beats jamming out to your favorite songs live with your BFF!!πŸ‘―

Below is a mix of some of my favorite pictures that I took from all three shows! Enjoy πŸ˜‰

Shawn seriously puts on an AMAZING show and has the voice of an actual angel! If any of you have the chance to go to one of his concerts you need to go! I promise you won’t regret it. His visuals and stage presence are everything.😍

Plus, the best part of the show is when he does an encore to ‘In My Blood’ and once the chorus hits for one last time confetti shoots up and into the crowd! It’s so cool and is such a great way to close out the show. Then, you can take some confetti home with you as a keepsake (that’s what I did hehe).

I only have one complaint about this experience and mother nature is to blame for it…

Night one of Shawn’s LA shows a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles and SHOOK the Staples Center to the core (literally). I was just minding my own business sitting in my seat waiting for Taylor to come back when I started feeling super dizzy. I thought I was going to pass out. Then, I saw the big blow-up rose at b-stage starting to sway back and forth and realized that a big earthquake was occurring. People around me started screaming and yelling “EARTHQUAKE!!,” and so I started to freak out. After the earthquake had passed I was shaking and really anxious from the whole situation. Luckily nothing fell and no one was injured. The security just escorted the first 10 rows out while workers made sure that the equipment on the stage wouldn’t fall on anyone. But, just imagine being at a concert with 16,000 other people in the room waiting for the artist to come on and a big earthquake hits…sounds nerve-racking right? The situation could have been worse (I’m so grateful it wasn’t)…

All in all, I had a blast with Taylor jamming out to Shawn for three nights in a row. The earthquake did shake me up a little bit but once Shawn hit the stage my anxiety went away. Just seeing him up there singing ‘Lost in Japan’ made me feel so much better.

Now, that my little story time is over let’s get into my thoughts about the Shawn Mendes Silver VIP Package.

β˜† VIP for Night Two β˜†

For those of you that don’t know there are a few different VIP packages that you can buy for Shawn Mendes The Tour. I’ll break them down for you real quick…

β˜† Diamond VIP Package

One receives a signed guitar, photo op with Mendes himself, tour passport, and a spot in the q+a session

β˜† Gold VIP Package

One receives a photo opportunity with Shawn, tour passport, and a spot in the q+a session

β˜† Silver VIP Package

One receives a tour passport and a spot in the q+a session

β˜† Merch VIP Package

One receives a tour passport and merch when they get to the venue

When Taylor and I saw that Shawn added a second LA show back in March we decided that we were going to try and get a VIP package of some kind. We weren’t lucky enough to get gold or diamond, but we did manage to snatch up silver. So on night two of his LA shows Taylor and I arrived at the Staples Center early to check-in for q+a! We waited around for a while because diamond and gold went in first. Finally, it was our time to go in and we got these cute VIP lanyards that say ‘Shawn Mendes The Tour’ on the badge and lanyard itself, so that was a nice touch.😏When we walked into the room where q+a was held there was a ‘ShawnAccess’ experience museum, which was SO cool to see! I’ve seen videos and pictures of it on Twitter but seeing it in real life was even BETTER!

I wish we could have walked around the museum for a few minutes and take some pictures instead of walking straight through it though!

After we walked through the museum we sat down on rugs and waited for Shawn to come out for the q+a session. A few short minutes later he came out and q+a begun! Not everyone will get to ask him something which kind of sucks, but I mean I get it he’s a busy guy! I’ve noticed that when people wear hats or an outfit that will make them standout he’s more likely to pick on you (I should have done that lol). Overall, the q+a only lasted 15-20ish minutes. It wasn’t very long and to be honest I was expecting it to be a little bit longer. With that all being said, let me give you guys my personal opinions when it comes to this silver VIP package.

β˜† Pros:Β 

  • You get to sit in a room with Shawn Mendes…like hello that’s kind of cool if you ask me
  • ShawnAccess decorates the q+a room so cute it’s pretty great for some Instagram pictures
  • When you buy a VIP package you get good floor seats
  • You get to walk through the ShawnAccess museum and see all of the original pieces Shawn has worn or used throughout his career
  • You get a cute tour passport and light up rose
  • You have the chance to ask Shawn a question
  • You can use your phone during this q+a session
  • Not many tickets are released for VIP so it feels more intimate when you’re in the room with him

β˜† Cons:

  • Fans should be allowed to stop and admire the pieces in the ShawnAccess museum/be allowed to take pictures for a few minutes
  • I know Shawn is a busy person but I think q+a should be longer than 15 minutes especially for how much it cost
  • Seemed kind of rushed…maybe they should start VIP at an earlier time so it doesn’t feel that way
  • Set different VIP meetup times for each package that way one VIP package isn’t waiting around for a long time
  • Allow fans to ask a question with a microphone because sometimes it can be hard to hear what people are saying (this goes for Shawn too lol I couldn’t really hear him at some points during q+a)

β˜† Was it worth the money?Β 

  • Ok, so final thoughts was spending a lot of money to sit in q+a worth it? Yes and No. I say yes it was worth it because it’s an intimate experience that not a lot of people have the opportunity to do and I feel like Shawn can be himself more during q+a. So we get to see a more “fun” side of him I guess you can say. But, I also don’t think it was worth it because of how short it was…like I keep saying I know show days are busy and Shawn has other things to do but answering questions for at least 30 minutes would have made it better.
  • Would I buy Silver Q+A VIP Package again? Mmm, probably not lol. Unless this package is coming with front row seats I probably wouldn’t buy it again. It was a cool experience to do for one time, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to get it again.

Overall, I am truly so grateful that I had the opportunity to see Shawn three times (and get a VIP package for one show). I know some people would just love to see him once! This blog post was not a way for me to brag or sound stuck up but just a fun little post to share my experience going to his concerts.

I’ll say this one last time but if you have the chance to go to a Shawn Mendes concert GO!! You’ll have the best night of your life.❀️

One last thing before I go! I just want to say how I despise seeing people on social media say that if you don’t have front row or a row close to the stage than you shouldn’t go? Like what? When did going to a concert become a competition between fans to see who can “get the closest.” Concerts are a place to let go and have fun for a little while. Like an escape from reality.✨It doesn’t matter where you sit because as long as you’re having a good time that is what matters the most.

…and THAT’s the tea ladies and gentlemen.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post!



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