♫ Make it pop like pink champagne ♫

(does anyone remember that throwback Ariana Grande song or is it just me?!)

That lyric totally reminded me of this girly pop-up shop in Malibu! I was so mesmerized by all of the pink happenin’ in the shop, from the clothes to the cute decorations, I felt like I was in a magical dream.☁♡☁

I’m honestly not sure what this pop-up shop was called and it’s nowhere to be found on the internet haha (wait actually I think it’s part of The Ranch), all I know is that once you enter the parking lot for the pier, it’s right next to it! You definitely won’t miss it because of all the pink standing out!

Side note: I feel like if I were to be a store I would literally be this pop-up shop because of how girly it is, how could you not love the color pink it seriously makes everything prettier (maybe I’m a little biased but still)?!

This dreamy pop-up had cute phone cases and these darling baby pink overalls (a little pricy but still adorable). It was super fun to walk around looking at all of the different products they offered and admiring the layout of this pop-up shop.

So, if you’re ever in the Malibu area and want to kill time waiting to be seated at Malibu Farm I highly suggest walking around and admiring this mini boutique because I guarantee you’ll fall in love with it (and possibly splurge on an item too).

Always remember to look on the ???? side of life.???



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