Hey Babes! Happy Friday!

It’s currently 6:41pm as I’m typing up this blog post which means I have officially completed my first week of school at Chapman University! For those of you who don’t know I am a transfer student who spent the past two years at community college. But, now I have the wonderful opportunity to further my education at my DREAM school! I couldn’t feel more grateful and happy. This past week has been filled with a whirlwind of emotions. I’m still adjusting to my new apartment, school, and classes. I thought it would be an “easy” process, but boy was I wrong.

For starters, I’ve never been the “new kid”…

I went to elementary school with kids in my neighborhood, walked across the street to go to middle school, drove a mile down the street to go to my high school, and then drove down the block to attend my community college. So basically I went to school with the same group of people my whole life. But, now I’m living in a completely different city and attending a school away from my friends and family. It has been kind of hard for me this past week adapting to this new lifestyle. I’m so used to the same routine of going home and doing things around San Diego with my group of friends, but now I’m an OC gal/the “new” chick.

Despite my fears and anxieties creeping up on me this past week I have tried to keep my mindset optimistic. No one wants a negative nancy around them. So, throughout the first week of school I have been doing things outside of my comfort zone like: going up to people around school, talking to my peers in class, and going to a club meeting. As a transfer student it is a little intimidating attending a new school when you’re halfway done with college because majority of people already have their established “cliques.” But, don’t let the thought of people having their established friend groups stop you from going out and meeting new people. This past week I have made a few friends already who are either transfer students themselves or returning students to Chapman, just by simply talking to them and being friendly.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you guys a quick little update on how my first week of school went. I’m so excited for the future and to see what Chapman has in store for me! So far we are off to a great start! The only “negative” thing I have to say about the first week is the fact that I was so hot walking around campus because it was in the 90’s ALL week! Is anyone else ready for fall?? I know I am.

Oh before I go here’s my first day of school #OOTD! I thought I would show you guys just for the heck of it.😏

Top – Cotton On White Bodysuit

Bottoms – Brandy Melville Cheetah Skirt

Shoes – Steve Madden ‘DONDDI TAN LEATHER’ Sandals

Backpack – Danielle Backpack ‘Back in Black’

I hope you guys have a great labor day weekend and stay tuned for more college related blog posts! Talk soon.




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