You guys!! I got my first internship and I couldn’t be happier!! ♡

Internships are key to build experience as a college student or recent graduate. Especially if you’re like me going into the entertainment industry. Employers often prefer to hire someone with both internship and work experience rather than someone with a mediocre resume, lacking experience. Having an internship will not only teach you amazing skills like time management, but it will also help you standout from others when applying for a job in your future career.

With that being said, I am so happy to be interning for Jessica Carroll, an on-camera host and social media personality. She is seriously the SWEETEST person ever and I am so lucky to be her intern. We share so many of the same traits I can already tell that we are going to work well together and become great friends!! ♡

(Also, we were kind of twinning that day and we didn’t even plan to, but look HOW CUTE we are)

I’m a current freshman in college majoring in Broadcast Journalism in hopes of becoming an on-camera host like Jess one day! I know for a fact that this internship will help me grow as a person and build the skills of what it takes to be a host. The fact that Jess is willing to help me achieve my dreams✰ means the world to me!! So, Jess if you are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me this AMAZING opportunity! ♡♡♡

With that being said, this past weekend I got the chance to finally meet-up with Jess in Venice Beach and it was so much fun! We’ve been emailing back and forth, but nothing is better than finally meeting each other in person and making it “official” LOL. Anyways, we walked around Abbot Kinney Blvd. (I also casually saw Tommy Dorfman from 13 Reasons Why…I might of freaked out on the inside just a little) went into some cute boutiques and got Matcha Lattes at TOMS Flagship, this adorable coffee shop! We sat and talked for awhile drinking our Matcha Lattes (totally LA of us, am I right??) and it was so much fun. It was also so easy for us to talk to each other since we share a lot in common! I had a great time and can’t wait to hangout with Jess again!

(Oh and keep your eyes peeled because you might see a familiar face in her upcoming Youtube videos soon)

I am going to leave all of Jess’ socials below! Seriously, you guys should follow her and watch her Youtube Videos she is INCREDIBLE and SO BEAUTIFUL!!

↠Jess’ Website:




All in all, I’m so thrilled to embark on this new journey with Jess and can’t wait to see where it takes us! Also, a little piece of advice from me is just go for it in anything that you do!! Reach out and connect with others you never know where it will take you!☺

Remember to “Dream Big, Work Hard, and Make it Happen”. ♡



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