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So I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Lightroom presets lately…they’re the talk of the town. They seem to be the new & improved VSCO filters. Practically everyone on the ‘gram seems to be using these presets/creating their own. It can be overwhelming if you’re a newbie when it comes to editing. But, don’t you worry because in today’s posts I’m breaking down what a preset is, editing on Lightroom, and sharing some of my favorite presets to buy (both affordable and expensive).

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is an editing program that you have to pay for monthly (just like Adobe photoshop), however the app is FREE. Download it here.

This editing program allows you to really dig into your photos and edit them to the 9’s. It’s pretty amazing how much you can do in Lightroom. Obviously the desktop version of Lightroom has more to offer but if you are a novice editor the app is just fine. 🙂

What is a Preset?

A preset is basically a filter that you can apply to your photos in Lightroom. Presets make it so easy to have a cohesive Instagram feed because all it takes is one-click to apply the filter. However, this does not mean that your pictures will come out perfect and ready to post on the ‘gram every time you apply a preset. It does take some tweaking because one preset does not fit all photos, but once you get used to Lightroom it’ll be super easy to edit your photos on the go! Just be patient and give yourself some time. 🙂

Another reason why I love presets is because you can tailor them to fit your style and aesthetic! Now, this does not mean buying someone else’s presets, tailoring them to how you like it, and re-selling them claiming them as your own creation. That’s just straight up wrong. So don’t do that.

Presets are for your own personal use and should not be re-sold!

The only “cons” I guess you can say when it comes to buying presets is that:

1 – They can be expensive sometimes

2 – You’re kind of risking it whenever you buy a preset because it may or may not fit your photos…aka it can be hard to find the “perfect” one(s).

But, that’s why I am making this blog post so I can help you guys out when it comes to Lightroom and purchasing presets. I know some of us are on a budget and can’t afford to buy $50 presets, so I gathered up some of my favorite “affordable” presets to help you all out! I have used some of the presets that I am about to talk about so I will be inserting some before and afters of my own pictures so you guys can get a feel for the preset!


Not-So-Affordable Presets:

1 – Maddie Perry Presets ($55)

These are the presets I currently use! I absolutely think they are worth the money because I love how they make my pictures look so bright! I’ve been using these presets for over a year now and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

2 – TY French Presets ($50)

I don’t own his presets so I can’t show you any before or afters! But he has examples on his website www.tyfrench.com

3 – Aspyn Ovard Presets ($75)

4 – Jaci Marie Presets

I just went onto Jaci’s website and she is no longer selling her “Pastel Pack” which is the one I bought last year! 🙁

She has two other preset packs on her website though, you can check them out here.

5 – Wander Presets ($42)

Affordable Presets:

1 – Etsy

Yes, you read that right…Etsy is a great place to buy presets. They have so many to choose from all at affordable prices. That way you aren’t breaking the bank trying to achieve a cohesive Instagram feed! Some of my favorite shops that sell presets for decent prices on Etsy are: Lou Marks Photos, Willow Collective, and The Preset Villa.

*Pro Tip: Think about what vibe you are trying to go for on your Instagram feed THEN going searching for presets. For example, if you want a neutral feed try typing in “neutral presets” or “warm toned presets” on Etsy


2 – Peach Tea Preset ($1.50)

3 – LA Breeze Preset (FREE)

Ok so you cannot actually buy this preset but you can get it for FREE! Yup, you heard me…FREE! Lifestyle YouTuber, Nancy Hurtado, recently uploaded a video titled “How I Edit My Instagram Photos,” where she shows you step-by-step on how she created her own Lightroom preset! You can literally copy her exact edits and have yourself a beautiful preset for FREE! All you have to do is import a picture to Lightroom – copy her exact edits – click the three dots in the upper right hand corner on your Lightroom mobile app – hit “create preset” – name the preset whatever you want – and BAM you now have yourself a gorgeous preset.


4 – Acacia Kersey’s Presets

I love not only love how bright and airy her presets are but I also love how she sells them at an affordable price! Definitely check out her presets!

5 – Jamie Lyn “Glow” Preset ($15)


1 – Take some time to figure out what “aesthetic” you’re trying to achieve and if the preset you’re looking at will fit it. For example, if the preset you’re looking at looks good on indoor pictures, ask yourself, “Will this fit my beauty outdoorsy aesthetic?”

2 – When buying a preset from someone check out their Instagram feed to see how their pictures look as well as check to see if they have an Instagram highlight dedicated to presets. Also, most people who sell presets create their own hashtag that people can use when they post pictures with the preset applied, so checking that hashtag before you buy the preset can be super helpful. It’s an easy and smart way to see other people’s pictures using the preset.

Well, that’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you guys found this super helpful and are left feeling a little more educated when it comes to presets and Lightroom. Let me know if you have any questions!




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