Merry Christmas Eve everyone! ♡

It’s almost Christmas, just a few more hours to go! There’s something so magical about this season, like listening to Christmas music, eating Christmas cookies, and just enjoying this time of year with family and friends. There are so many reasons why I love Christmas as much as I do and its not because of the presents. The Christmas traditions is what really brings me so much joy and happiness during this time of year!

With that being said, today I’m sharing some of my favorite Christmas traditions with you, and I would LOVE for you to leave a comment with some of your own as some inspiration for my family and myself going forward! ♡

1. Decorating the house with all things Christmas

❆ For starters, the Christmas festivities can’t start without a festive home! I always want to start decorating the week of Thanksgiving, but my family doesn’t think the same. So we usually start decorating for Christmas a couple days after Thanksgiving. I always look forward to decorating the house and Christmas tree every year! My grandma and I always blast Christmas music throughout the house and drink hot chocolate while we decorate! 

2. Baking Christmas Cookies

☃ Another one of my favorite memories from this time of year is baking Christmas cookies with my grandma. We make COUNTLESS amounts of cookies, fudge, and brownies to gift to our family, and also indulge in all season. I remember when I was younger my cousin would come over sometimes to help my grandma and I bake. And, we would always have a friendly decorating contest to see who can frost the prettiest cookies.

3. Going to Disneyland

❆ Disneyland is special any time of the year, but during the holidays, they put on special events and add a holiday theme to some of their attractions. These are the things you shouldn’t miss. For the past four years my mom and I, as well as our good friend Katherine have being going to Disneyland around Christmas time. We all LOVE seeing the gigantic Christmas tree on Main Street, wearing Christmas themed ears, and watching Disney’s Magical Holiday Parade. Disney also creates a firework show, just for the season — and even though you’re in sunny southern California, snow falls at the end(how magical I know). All in all, Disneyland becomes even more dreamy and magical during the holiday season.

4. Seeing Christmas Lights

☃ There are a variety of different spots around town that my mom and I like to drive to and see Christmas Lights(we even take my dog Tucker too lol). Our favorite spot to go to is Christmas Tree Circle, where you can either drive or walk around a neighborhood that is all decked out in pretty Christmas Lights. It’s truly amazing. I personally love having a cup of peppermint hot cocoa in the car while listening to Christmas music, too!

5. Watching Christmas Movies & The Disney Parks Christmas Parade

❆ The most relaxing part of the holiday season is the time spent sunk into the sofa watching Christmas movies, hopefully accompanied by a pile of cookies. I love watching all of the classic Christmas movies with plot lines that often involve quests for romance or identity, that all wrap up neatly as the holiday nears. But, in all seriousness I absolutely look forward to Freeform’s(formerly ABC Family) 25 Days of Christmas because they play the classics like: ElfSanta Claus: The Movie, Polar Express, and so many more!

❆ Besides watching Christmas movies all month long nothing beats waking up Christmas morning turning on ABC and watching “Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration”! Every year my family and I wake up early to open presents so that by the time we’re done opening gifts the “Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration” is barely starting. We then cook breakfast, make some hot chocolate, and watch the parade together.

6. Singing The Twelve Days of Christmas Song

☃ My family and I always go to my aunt and uncle’s house on Christmas to eat dinner with them and exchange gifts. Every year my aunt breaks out these plates that each feature a portion of the lyrics to the holiday standard, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Before we eat dinner my aunt assigns each family member a plate to sing. What makes it fun is my family and I aren’t the best singers in the world, but just having that silly, fun family tradition is what makes Christmas even more special!

Happy Holidays!

P.S. The pajamas I’m wearing are from Jessie James Decker’s clothing line “Kittenish”! They’re not only cute but SUPER soft and cozy as well. I’ll link them below.

↠ Holiday Pajamas:




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