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Today we are talking about ALL things Instagram Stories! This blog post is in correlation with my new #FreebieFriday post and IGTV video.

Lately, I feel like people are not only stepping up their Instagram feeds but Instagram stories too! People are really out here going to extra mile for their stories and I’m here for it. I love it when I come across “aesthetically” pleasing feeds and stories. Plus, having an Instagram story that captivates your audience will most likely make them want to come back and keep up with you.

So, I recently decided to put a little more effort into my stories and I am here to tell you guys about some of my favorite apps that I use to up my Instagram story game! Also, all of the apps that I am about to talk about are FREE except ‘8mm Vintage Cam’ which costs $2.99.

↓ Keep scrolling if you want to find out how to make cute Instagram stories!

1 – Unfold

Ok so I am sure that 99% of you have all heard of the app ‘Unfold.’ It’s pretty trendy at the moment and everyone uses it to get aesthetically pleasing Instagram story templates! This app really brings perfection to your stories. It’s super easy to use and contains over 30 templates to pick and choose from.

2 – StoryLuxe

StoryLuxe is similar to Unfold in the way that this app contains so many Instagram templates as well. This app has more ‘exciting’ templates I guess you can say…Unfold’s templates are really simple and aesthetically pleasing whereas StoryLuxe contains templates with patterns and designs as the background. But, you cannot add text on your templates unlike Unfold or StoriesEdit. However, this is still a wonderful app to use for your stories!

3 – StoriesEdit

StoriesEdit is an app created by Planoly (the app that helps you plan out your Instagram feed) that allows you to customize your stories with their design tools and templates. All you have to do is choose a template, add your image or video, and use their editing tools to customize the background or text color. Similar to Unfold.

4 – 8mm Vintage Cam

I LOVE 8mm Vintage Cam! I’ve seriously been using it for years! I actually found out about it from Selena Gomez’s instagram! This app is great for making cute little films for your Instagram or turning your concert videos into a vintage movie. It’s totally worth the $2.99.

5 – VSCO Cam

Ok so this is another app that I’m pretty sure we’ve ALL heard of…the one and only VSCO Cam! I love using VSCO to edit pictures for my Instagram story or Twitter, but I even love using it more because it has this feature on it called DSCO Cam. Basically you can record a 5 second video and slap a pretty filter on it. It makes everything look SO much cuter! I highly recommend downloading this app for the DSCO cam feature!

6 – Canva

Last but not least is Canva! Canva is one of my go to editing apps for not only creating Instagram stories but for creating blog graphics too. You can create stunning designs for your images or videos. It’s super easy to use and you can add some much to your design like graphics, text, or layer images on top of each other. Canva is a great tool to keep around not only for Insta, but for other things like birthday invitations or business cards too!

Below are some examples of Instagram Stories that I created using the apps above!

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post all about some of my favorite editing apps that I use to create fabulous Instagram stories! Have you tried out any of these apps before? If so let me know in the comments below!



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