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Today I have another concert related blog post for you guys! This time we’re talking all things Why Don’t We related and if you don’t know who they are then what are you doing with life?!

Exactly a week ago today I was in line waiting to meet the boys of Why Don’t We and I was so nervous. They are just all so cute and nice I didn’t know what to do lol!😂 I usually don’t get flustered over meeting celebrities (unless it’s Selena Gomez or Shawn Mendes) but this time I don’t know what got into me but I literally was feeling ALL the feels.🥰

Similar to my last blog post about seeing Shawn Mendes in concert I will be talking about my outfit and experience attending the 8 Letters Summer Tour.

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☆ The Outfit 

Romper – Luca + Grae doesn’t sell my exact romper anymore (which is odd because I just bought it) but I linked a similar one from Shein here.

Shoes – The concert shoes are back lol! Find similar ones here.

☆ The Experience 

Like I said in my previous post going to a concert is always so much fun! You get to let loose with your friends for a couple of hours and not have to worry about a thing! Just enjoy the live music and atmosphere!

Why Don’t We definitely puts on a good show and I had the best time of my life jamming out to all of their songs last week with Taylor! 10/10 would recommend seeing them! I love how they dance and get the crowd super hyped up. Sometimes I wish Shawn would dance but I feel like that isn’t his thing and to be honest I can’t picture him dancing on stage lol. But, enough about Shawn😂…

The boys performed 22 songs and I feel like the show went by so fast😩, but maybe that’s because I was having a really good time! Taylor and I even had Jack and Zach’s family sitting in front of us during the show. That was fun because you can see us in the back of Jack sister’s Instagram story😂

Check out my Spotify playlist down below that contains the all of the songs from the setlist on the 8 Letters Summer Tour!↓

☆ Meeting the Boys 

Meeting the boys was even better than I imagined! They were all so sweet and welcoming (and even more cuter in person😉). I got to talk to Daniel and Jonah for a little bit which was nice. The other boys were laughing at themselves or something over a joke because I didn’t really get the chance to talk to them, but that’s okay!

Can I just say I died a little inside when Daniel said I was pretty and Jonah complimented my necklace. Like wow I don’t think I’ve ever fangirled so hard. They’re so sweet.🥺 Also, I usually don’t say stuff like “omg ___ called me pretty” or anything along those lines because I feel weird talking about it, but come on let me just have my fangirl moment for once?!😩

ALSO! Shoutout to my girl Melissa who I met in line while checking in for meet and greet. Love you the most sister! Such a small world because we actually went to the same high school but didn’t really cross paths with each other then, so it was nice that we bonded and became good friends that night. That’s one thing I love about concerts is you get to meet so many people and bond over the artist you love! I’ve met so many people at concerts and even through social media apps like Twitter where we can all just bond over our love for a particular artist.

Overall, the concert was a blast and I’m so glad I got to see them! I even got to meet Daniel and Jonah again after the show thanks to Melissa.😏 Meeting them after the show was nice too because I actually got to have a longer conversation with them and didn’t feel rushed like in meet and greet! I hope I get to see them again soon. Love them to pieces!💗

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post and you all should go check out Why Don’t We! Their songs are so catchy especially ‘Come to Brazil.’

↓Listen to it here↓



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