Ahhh!! It finally happened you guys! I met my biggest inspiration and idol Selena Gomez yesterday!

I have been waiting to meet her for YEARS and almost gave up a couple of times on meeting her because things just wouldn’t work out…but it finally happened! I’m so glad that I kept a positive mentality and often repeated “I will meet Selena one day” because it FINALLY led up to this moment!♡

For those of you that know me you would know that I’ve been a HUGE Selena Gomez fan since I was little (my mom literally has VHS tapes of me watching her on Barney and Friends) and have never stopped supporting her. In a way I feel like I grew up with her, watching her go from Barney to Wizards to starring in more “mature” movies. Even hearing her music and voice change from album to album is truly incredible!

Meeting her was everything that I dreamed of and more…and I know some of you are probably thinking “Lex it’s just a celebrity calm down” WELL that definitely was not my mentality for this occasion. Selena Gomez is more than just “another celebrity” to me she’s my biggest inspiration and someone who I look up to on a daily basis. Everything she stands for is genuinely empowering and not to mention that she has the sweetest soul EVER.

The Experience:

So what EXACTLY went down yesterday and how did I even get to meet Selena in the first place??

For starters, two weeks ago Coach announced via Facebook that there would be a Selena Gomez meet-up at The Grove September 5th (I screamed walking to my 8 am haha) and all you would have to do is buy either the “Selena Bond Bag” or “Selena Trail Bag.” There was only a limited amount of tickets being sold with the bag to meet Selena, so I had to act FAST, but lucky for me I managed to get my hands on the trail bag and that was my ticket to meet her.

The Day of the Event:

The meet up started at 4 pm but you could start lining up as early as 1:30 pm. My mom, Kat, and I didn’t need to get there till 3:30-3:45 pm because we were on the VIP list (CRAZY RIGHT?! Perks of buying the bag early at a private VIP event at the Coach store?). So, we had a girls day and decided to go to The Dry Bar on Sunset Blvd. to get pampered a little bit because why not?! We were meeting SELENA GOMEZ! Then, after we got our cute blowouts, we did our makeup, changed into our meet-up outfits, and headed our way down to The Grove.

(Isn’t this waterfall braid so pretty?!)

It was CRAZY when we got to The Grove (but I didn’t expect anything less), and we had to push our way through the crowd to check in at the VIP line. We waited around a couple of minutes then all of a sudden we see The Grove trolley all decked out in #CoachxSelena and guess who’s riding on the trolley??? None other than the queen herself Selena Gomez along with her friends and team! She seriously looked so cute and happy to see all of our her beloved fans waiting for her arrival. When she got to the front of the coach store, she took some press pictures outside the store by the “Not perfect always me” neon sign and some selfies with fans waiting in the crowd.♡

Alright, now it’s showtime!! The meet up started right at 4 pm, and the line moved fairly quickly. Once we got inside the Coach store, we had to check in our bags and leave our phones in the front because it was a no phone area. Most of you are probably like “What the heck?! How come you couldn’t take your phone in?” and my answer for you is both Selena and Coach wanted to make it a more personal/intimate event without cellphones. Which I was totally fine with. Usually, I’m all about insta-stories and snapchatting cool events, but this time I wanted to soak in the experience WITHOUT my phone and treasure it because it was such a special moment to me.

↓Click the image below to see my feature on Coach’s Instagram!↓

Okay, now I’m going to talk about the part where I got a little teary-eyed…who am I kidding I balled my eyes out and could barely talk to Selena. As we turned the corner and I saw Selena standing a couple of feet away from me, I got teary-eyed because I couldn’t believe that I was moments away from meeting her and that it was actually happening! Within a few short moments, it was my turn, and I was thinking to myself “Okay hold it together Lex at least for the picture,” and she smiled when I was walking towards her and said “Hi Sweetie! How are you?” and that’s when I lost it LOL! I started crying so hard and I actually apologized for crying haha! She’s so nice because she said, “Aw it’s okay we’re girls we all cry.”

I went on to tell her (while I was still crying) that I’ve been waiting for this moment for ten years and how I’ve been a fan ever since her Barney and Friends days. She then asked me how old I was and how it meant so much to her that I’ve been a fan for so long. After that, she told me “Thank you so much! Your support means everything.”

Then, I asked her if we could do a hugging picture and she replied “Of course beautiful! I was going to do one anyways!” (probably because I was balling my eyes out and she knew I needed a hug). So, we took our picture then I said bye to her and walked out of the room to get my belongings at the front of the store. We didn’t get a LONG time to chat with Selena but it felt long enough to me…plus I think I kind of held up the line because it took me a good minute to collect myself once I was done crying LOL.

Image courtesy of Coach

Overall, Selena was so sweet to everyone fan she met that day as well as the staff working for the Coach event (I didn’t expect anything less from her?) and was genuinely happy to be meeting the people that support her every day. Also, she’s even more gorgeous in real life, and I’m like HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO PERFECT??! I already want to relive yesterday because it was such a special day filled with so many happy emotions! I’m so grateful that I was able to meet my idol and finally have one of my DREAMS come true! I was also featured on Coach and Caroline’s (a close friend of Selena) Instagram pages! How cool is that?! That made me even more happier!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post all about my experience meeting Selena Gomez at the Coach event! Talk to you guys in my next blog post!♡



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