Hey Babes! Happy Monday!

Yesterday I went to L.A. (big shocker I know) for another event at The Grove! My mom and I went to Barnes and Nobles to attend Jessie James Decker’s book signing for her new book “Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food.”

For those of you who don’t know, Jessie James Decker, is an amazing country singer, fashion designer, reality TV star, wife, and mom. Whew, that was a lot but if you can’t tell already she’s basically superwoman because she does it all. Her new book “Just Jessie” is a lifestyle book that contains amazing family recipes and personal stories about her career, family, and so much more! I started reading it already and it’s a good one.

I am SO looking forward to making “Mama’s Cajun Shrimp Pasta” (p. 173) for my family one night. Just looking at picture makes my mouth water! Also, the recipe for Jessie’s famous chocolate chip cookies is in her book too so you best believe I WILL be baking those soon. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie?

While reading her book, one thing I found super interesting was that Jessie got kicked off of the Jonas Brother’s tour back in 2009! Say what?! I find that crazy haha but apparently she got kicked off because “the concertgoers  were mostly girls and, well, girls hated me.” Guess the Jo Bros (or concert-goers) didn’t catch the love bug for Jessie after all.

Meeting Jessie (again):

I actually met Jessie last year at the same place (Barnes and Nobles is really coming in clutch with all of the events they host) for her “Southern Girl City Lights” CD signing when she was pregnant with Forrest! She had the cutest lil baby bump ever!

But, flash forward to this year guests weren’t allowed to take a standing picture (or go behind the desk) with her because she was sick and didn’t want to get any of her fans sick! Which I totally understand (feel better Jessie♡) and I give her so much credit for still doing the book signing because she could barely talk!

Jessie was super sweet as usual and noticed I was wearing her Kittenish t-shirt! She said that my outfit was cute and something that she would “totally” wear. That made me so happy because she is the queen of fashion! I also got to meet her hairstylist Jess (@jesssouthern) who was such a sweetheart as well! Both of them are even more gorgeous in person!

Overall, it was a great Sunday in L.A. and for once I wasn’t stressing about homework haha! I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post!♡



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