♪ Next to you
The sky is more blue
In Malibu ♪

Hi loves! Happy Friday!

I recently went to Malibu for the first time ever (you would think I would of have been there already considering the amount of times I go to LA haha) and I loved it! It was so peaceful and nice to have dinner on the pier I almost forgot I was in LA for a second.

My mom, Sierra, Sandra, and I (aka The Fantastic Four) decided to take a drive out to the ‘bu because it’s somewhere that we all have never been to and thought it would be something different to adventure around.

Of course we had to dine in at the oh so trendy Malibu Farm because where else would we go for dinner?? LOL

But, in all seriousness it was TOTALLY worth it because everything we got was so good and they had a lot to offer for dinner! If you walk further down the pier there’s Malibu Farm Cafe but by the time we got there it was closed; however, there’s always next time because I definitely want to go back to Malibu soon.

Everything about this restaurant was so adorable from the mason jars that your drinks come in (I was hoping that they sold the mason jars because I would of bought one but sadly they didn’t) to the chalk boards that list the drinks offered at the restaurant! I couldn’t get enough of the rustic, trendy vibes of this place! Plus, you’re eating dinner with a BEAUTIFUL view so it doesn’t get much better than this my friends!

Of course, I had to be basic Becky over here and get a cheese quesadilla but you know what it was still good and that’s all that matters haha! All of us did share the Malibu Blue Nachos though and they were sooo delicious (a little spicy, but still tasty)! If you’re an LA native or even San Diego native like me I definitely recommend taking the drive out to Malibu because it’s worth in my opinion!

Overall, I had a blast exploring around Malibu with my mom, Sierra, and Sandra we always plan a girls trip every break and it’s something I look forward to so much! Hopefully, we’ll be back in the ‘bu soon because we want to visit The Getty Villa next! Talk to you guys in my next blog post!



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