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Holy Matcha opened up its second location in the east village this past Friday, and I can definitely say that its matcha heaven. From the minimalist design to the new drinks, founder, Geraldine Ridaura really outdid herself.

For those of you who don’t know Geraldine opened up Holy Matcha two years ago in North Park (in fact their second anniversary is coming up soon) making it San Diego’s first original matcha cafe. This chic tea room has blown up on all platforms of social media due to its girly, tropical design that is what all Instagram dreams are made of. At this point, I’m sure you’ve seen countless Instagram influencers posting about Holy Matcha and their cute drinks.

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If you follow me on insta, you can probably tell that I am OBSESSED with holy matcha! Not just for the pictures (although those are pretty nice too) but because I genuinely love matcha now. I say now because before holy matcha I would have never drank this magical green drink because well “ew its a green drink” lol. Little did I know that if I just gave it a shot (which I did…eventually), I would fall in love with it and all of its amazing benefits. I adore holy matcha so much because everything about this girl boss company is amazing. So you can imagine when Geraldine announced that she was opening up a second location I obviously had to attend the grand opening and support the Holy Matcha crew.??

Now, let us step right into a magical pink paradise…

For starters, everything about Holy Matcha East Village is so aesthetically pleasing. From the brass accents to the soft custom made wallpaper you will instantly feel at ease the moment you walk into this tea room. Honestly, if I were ever to open up my own business it would definitely look like this!

I live for the pink, girly, and dreamy aesthetic of this cafe.??

Heck! Even the bathroom is cute. I noticed that the grout between the subway tiles was light pink and I could not believe it! So, I naturally had to snap a few pics in there before I left!

(By the way can we take a moment to appreciate the wallpaper in the bathroom?!?I’ve never seen anything like it before!)

All of the details that Ridaura incorporated into HM2 blows my mind, and I admire her for paying attention to detail. She is such a #girlboss and someone who inspires me to give not 100% but 1000%!

My order:

Ok so I’m that one person who never really switches up their order at restaurants or coffee shops. Once, I find something that I like I tend to stick with it, are any of you like that too lol?!

With that being said, I ordered my usual — a matcha horchata. I can’t help it; it’s just SO DANG GOOD! I usually get a matcha donut with it, but this time I got a heart-shaped cookie that says “you me, matcha” on it just like the neon sign that’s displayed in the cafe.


? Holy Matcha North Park: 3118 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

? Holy Matcha East Village: 201 Park Blvd., Unit 105 , San Diego, CA 92101

Overall, I had such a great time celebrating Holy Matcha East Village at their grand opening on Friday! What a great way to kick off the month of March. If you are a San Diego native or someone who is planning a trip to SD you HAVE to stop by both Holy Matcha locations because, why not?! Trust me you won’t regret it! Also, if you are someone who is scared to try matcha because you don’t know if you’ll like the taste, opt for the matcha horchata! You can thank me later.?

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