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I’m so excited for today’s blog post because it’s all about Instagram and my tips on how you can take amazing photos anywhere! Literally anywhere. Half of the time I shoot pictures for my insta they’re taken at random locations that I find while driving around my city. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE me some Los Angeles art walls, but today I’m going to be sharing with you all how to scout for fantastic photoshoot locations. Plus, I’ll be doing a “How to Scout Amazing Photo Locations: Los Angeles” real soon so keep your eyes peeled.? With that being said, here is a couple of random spots that I came across in San Diego.

Now, while we’re talking about all things Instagram I’m going to do a shameless self-promo…so be sure to follow me to keep up with my life adventuring around San Diego and L.A. ♡

Location #1: La Jolla, San Diego

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I absolutely love how all of these pictures turned out (shout out to apple for making the camera quality on the iPhone X superb), and the places that I took them at were just from driving around! The first couple of photos were taken in front of a medical office building…bet you weren’t expecting that.? As for the second to last picture my friend and I spotted out this staircase while walking, so we naturally decided to snap a few pics! Having the camera angled down more made the picture turn out even cooler. The last photo was taken on the side of the road (can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful San Diego is) and I decided to sit on top of the wooden fence to capture this breathtaking view of the ocean #worthit.

Location #2: Old Town, San Diego

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Awhile back my best friend Paulina and I decided to have a girls day by going out to lunch and snapping a few pics along the way. We both consider ourselves bloggers so finding unique photo locations to make our outfits, and Instagram feed pop is a must. Majority of the photos were taken in front of a red trailor next to a bunch of cacti and I’m obsessed with the way they all turned out. The only one that was not shot there is the one where I’m looking down at the steps, that picture was taken in front of an apartment complex gate lol! There were so many other places to take photos at in Old Town, but of course, Paulina and I just resorted to random spots. However, we couldn’t resist because of the vibrant colors surrounding us!

Check out Paulina’s blog → The Guiltless Glamour 

Location #3: Alpine, California

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The last location that I’m sharing with you guys is Alpine! So random right?! There’s no much to do in Alpine, but that’s totally okay because there’s so much open space and beautiful trees that make for amazing pictures. I took all of these on my way to a family party, my mom and I pulled off to the side of the road snapped a few quick pics and BAM we’re done. I love how the sun is shining through the tree in the first two pictures, and the white fence was just adorable. Also, having cute accessories on hand always helps complete your look/picture! I bought that circle gingham bag from Forever 21, and it’s seriously my staple piece for the summer.

Other Tips and Tricks:

♡ Instagram Hashtags and Locations: This is one of my favorite ways to find locations for pictures it’s so handy and fun to do (a little bit time consuming but totally worth it)! First, I will search hashtags for the city I’m in, next I’ll use neighborhood hashtags or anything else that relates to what I’m looking for, and last If I see a photo that is geotagged I’ll click on the location to find out if it’s nearby or far that way I can plan out a day dedicated to shooting at my desired location! You never know what you might find on Instagram it’s honestly a fantastic app!

♡ Take Photos of Locations and Write Down the Address: This one is kind of obviously all you have to do is pull out your phone when driving around (only if you’re in the passenger seat…safety first?) take pictures of the locations you find and after go to your notes to jot down streets names.

♡ Pinterest: I adore Pinterest and am constantly pinning so many things every day. With that being said, if I’m in a rut and don’t know where to take pictures, I’ll look up “Instagram Picture Ideas” or “Places to go in San Diego” to investigate more on locations. Doing this helps me out to decide if the area is worth driving to, the last thing you want is to go somewhere to take pictures and it disappoints you.

So, that concludes today’s blog post all about how to scout locations for pictures in San Diego → up next: LA.✰ I have a few more places up my sleeve that didn’t make the cut this time around so should I do a part 2? Let me know what you think! Also, should I make this into a series all about Instagram (how I edit my Instagram pictures, ways to increase your engagement, different poses/angles, etc…) I think that would be so fun to do since I love taking pictures and sharing them with you! All in all, I hope that all of these tips will help you find new and improved locations for your photo shoots! I know it’s a lot to read through and take in, but hopefully, I helped some of you in some way! ♡



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