Hey babes! I’m back with another exciting blog post all about the 2018 AMAS!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the taping of the American Music Awards which was held at the Microsoft Theater in L.A. (okay but the real question is why can’t I just live in L.A. already??) I got to see a ton of A-list celebs walking into the theater like Shawn Mendes, Vanessa Hudgens, and so many more! I think we can all just visualize how hard I was fangirling once I saw Shawn haha.

It was such a cool experience and would definitely recommend that you guys try to go to an award show once in your life to see what really happens behind the scenes.

But, if you can’t make it to an award show don’t worry I’m here to tell you the 4-1-1 about how a taping of an award show works and how to get tickets to one (or tv shows if you’re interested in that). I consider myself somewhat an expert on tv tapings and Hollywood tours because I do A LOT of research, have been to a few tapings myself, and I’ve been on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour 14 times…oops. What can I say I just really love that tour!

☆ Highlights of the AMAS ☆

Honestly, this one was of the best AMAS ever that I have some amazing highlights to share with you guys!

→ Watching celebrities walk into the theater from the window on the second floor! I saw Kelsea Ballerini, Patrick Starr, and so many more!

→ Taylor Swift’s KILLER opening act! She sang “I Did Something Bad” and brought out Karyn…her on stage cobra that she brings out every time she performs. I am living for her reputation era.

→ Shawn Mendes’s INCREDIBLE performance with Zedd! He sang the Lost in Japan remix and wow I can listen to him sing live all day, every day! Last night, got me SO hyped for his tour next year!

→ Seeing celebrities who were only a couple of hundred feet away from me walk up and receive their awards.

→ Laughing at Taran Killam’s reaction to Cardi B’s performance…he literally looked like this emoji ?

→ Carrie Underwood’s performance was breathtaking and beautiful! She sang “Spinning Bottles” which is a song off of her new album “Cry Pretty” and wow she is a POWERHOUSE when she sings!

→ Camila Cabello sang “Consequences” for the first time at an award show and man oh man she has such a soothing voice!

→ I also enjoyed Dua Lipa, Khalid, and Post Malone’s performances as well! There was so many amazing artists last night!

☆ BTS of the AMAS ☆

→ So what REALLY went down during the commercial breaks while filming the AMAS?

What you don’t see when watching your favorite award show at home is kind of a lot. For one, you don’t hear the show’s producers speaking over the intercom telling people to hurry up and sit down because the show is about to go back on air. Second, you only get a minute long break and when it comes time for the show to come back on you’ll hear the producer count down from 5 and once he/she gets to 1 you will hear this: “alright ladies and gents applause please.” So, next time when an award show gets back from commercial and you see everyone clapping just know it was because we were told to haha.

→ How does the show ALWAYS get the celebrities reactions right away?

Well, if you’re a popular celebrity like Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Post Malone, etc… there will be a cameraman and a ring light in front of you at ALL times during the award show, so they can get you reaction while watching performances or listening to award nominations. It was so crazy seeing that yesterday at the AMAS! Every time Taylor was up for an award there was always a couple of cameramen filming her from every angle making sure that they get her reaction if she wins. Oh by the way congrats to Ms. Swift because the broke the AMA record for the most winning female with now 22 AMAS.

→ How do they film the performers?

Personally, I thought that they just used those long “floating” cameras to zoom in and out of the performances, but I was wrong. While watching Taylor perform yesterday I noticed that they had cameras pretty much everywhere! They had a cameraman right in front of her, two to the side of her (kind of in the wings of the stage), and the “floating” camera getting an overshot view of her performance. By the way if anyone knows the proper term for a “floating” camera let a girl know haha. Also, the cameraman who was center stage had to sit at a weird angle to get Taylor’s performance so props to him for sitting in an awkward position for 3 and a half minutes.

→ Other random things that I noticed yesterday

Okay so one thing that I noticed yesterday was that when watching an award show at home they DO NOT show the presenters walking across stage to get to the center microphone to announce the winner! I didn’t know that the presenters had to walk to a different part of the stage I just thought they stand still in the same place haha.

Also, the show started at 5pm yesterday and the doors opened at 3pm, but they stopped letting people into the theater at exactly 4pm because the producers needed everyone to start filling in the seats. They do not mess around at tv tapings people, so if you ever go to one make sure you’re on time haha!

☆ Enjoy these FUN pics I took yesterday ☆

[metaslider id=1374]

☆ Tips + Tricks for attending a tv taping ☆

→ My two favorite websites for getting FREE tickets for tv tapings are On-Camera Audiences and 1iota. Both, are completely free to sign up and such a good way to score seat filler/pit tickets to shows!

→ If you end up getting tickets for a tv taping make sure you always read the additional information they give to you because sometimes you are NOT allowed to bring your cellphone into the event!

→ This relates to the tip above but if you plan on attending a show look to see if there’s a dress code because you HAVE to follow dress code or else you will not be let into the show. You know what they say in Hollywood “when you look great, the show looks great.” It’s all about presentation and making sure everything looks good for the people watching at home!

→ This tip is specifically for award shows or a competition show like “Dancing with the Stars.” Personally, I LOVE meeting celebs (I mean who doesn’t??) so sometimes I like finding the back entrance (of where the show is being held at) and waiting there because sometimes celebrities will come out and take pictures when the show is over! This also applies to concerts too! I’ve done this many times and I can tell you know you will at least see one celebrity, they may not stop and take a picture but you’ll probably get a “Hello!” or peace sign and smile if it’s Shawn Mendes.

I really hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post because I had so much fun writing it! I seriously love all things entertainment and reporting on cool events like this, hence why I’m a broadcast journalism major haha! Hopefully, one day I will be attending award shows as a red carpet correspondent!? I’m speaking it into existence now party people. But, really yesterday was a reminder to myself to never lost sight of my dreams and to really work hard for what a I want! I hope you all are chasing your dreams too! I’ll talk to you guys in my next blog post.



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