Hey babes!

I wanted to start something new on my blog called #FreebieFriday where I share with you guys digital art that I have created. This ranges from iPhone wallpapers to Instagram story highlights. I truly enjoy being creative and making stuff like this, so why not share it with my lovely audience?

Now I am by no means some fabulous graphic designer this is just something that I do for fun!🥰

Often times I will share a dropbox link that leads to a folder with my creations but if I decide to post my work directly on my blog post it will still be super easy to save!

This week on #FreebieFriday I have created Instagram highlight covers. For those of you who don’t know what highlight covers do they make your page look more cohesive and put together (in my opinion at least). I have created these highlights in four different colors: mauve, light pink, nude, and earthy green! All you have to do is save them to your phone and upload them as your cover photo on your desired Instagram highlight.

How to save images on Dropbox (desktop):

1 – Click on the dropbox link

2 – Find the folder you want to download.

3 – Click the (ellipsis) icon to the right of the folder’s name

4 – Click Download

5 – Double click to open the folder

If you’re on a laptop you can Airdrop all of the highlight covers to your phone but if you’re on a mobile device you’re going to follow similar steps as if you were on a laptop.

How to save images on Dropbox (mobile):

1 – Click on the dropbox link

2 – If you have the Dropbox app then click “Open in App” or you can simply just click “Continue to Website”

3 – If you clicked “Continue to Website” it will take you to a page where there is four different folders containing different colors of highlight covers. You can then click on your desired folder.

4 – Once you click on your folder that you want it will open and display all of the highlight covers

5 – Now you just have to click on each cover and press “Save Image”

***For those of your who have an iPhone X or later just press the image down, swipe up, and click “save image”

You will follow the same steps if you clicked “Open in App”

How to save images directly from blogpost:

Desktop : Right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.

Mobile : Hold down on picture and screenshot (or save image if it gives you that option).

→Click here to download them

How to set them as a cover on your Instagram highlight:

1 – Go to your account on Instagram

2 – Click on a highlight of your choice, then click the … (ellipsis) in the bottom right hand corner

3 – Click on “Edit Highlight”

4 – Click on “Edit Cover”

5 – Then tap the small image in the bottom center area of the page and once you click that it will take you to your camera roll and you can upload the highlight cover there! Feel free to move the cover around the circle. You can make it smaller (zoomed out) or larger (zoomed in).

Don’t forget to hit “Done”😉

I’m so glad to be back on my blogging game! Expect a life update post coming soon. I hope you guys enjoy these Instagram story highlight covers! If you decide to use them post a picture of your page to your story and tag me! I would love to see.

‘Till next time!



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