Hey Babes! Happy Friday!

Today I have for you guys some motivational wallpapers with a few quotes from the bible. I don’t really talk about religion that much on my blog, but for those of you wondering I am a Christian who believes in God and Jesus.

Recently, I have been going through some personal struggles myself and needed a friendly reminder (or two) that God has a plan for everything and it will all workout in the end. So, I decided to make some wallpapers as a reminder of that.

I hope these wallpapers will help you out that good things are coming your way soon and to not lose faith!

How to save images directly from blogpost:

Desktop : Right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.

Mobile : Hold down on picture and screenshot (or save image if it gives you that option).

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

See you next Friday with new wallpapers! If you have any requests for a certain design or a quote DM me on Instagram @alexisbhill !




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