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If you clicked on this link expecting to get an inside look of Comic Con…well I hate to break it to ya but this is not it lol. However, I did spend all weekend in Downtown, San Diego walking around and exploring the outdoor festivities for the convention, and I may or may not have ran into some familiar faces.?

So if I were you I would keep on reading

What is Comic Con?

For those who don’t know what Comic Con is let me give you a quick rundown. It’s kind of like Beautycon LA but with comic/sci-fi/entertainment related things, so basically the complete opposite of Beautycon haha. But, both conventions take place annually and have different panels to attend as well as booths to check out! What I love about these two conventions is that it allows you to meet and connect with some of your favorite influencers/celebs.

Sadly, I did not go into Comic Con this year but that didn’t stop me from having fun on the outside! A lot of people who aren’t able to get their hands on badges for the convention usually just walk around downtown to look at all the festivities going on and possibly getting the chance to run into your fav celebs. I saw Kelly Ripa running when I was walking around so that’s #casual right?!

Honestly, do any of you find celebrities SO cool or is it just me!? My friend and I were having this conversation the other day how celebs are just like us but on tv!

↓Here’s what went down↓


My friend Kat and I were super bored Friday morning, so we decided to get ready and go downtown to find the cast of Riverdale because #favcastever!! We got SUPER lucky that day because we ended up meeting the whole cast practically!

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We met Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper), Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge), Ashleigh Murray(Josie McCoy), Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge), and Mädchen Amick (Alice Cooper)…aka all of the girls from Riverdale minus Cheryl and Toni! They were all so friendly and shorter than what the look like on the show lol (well at least to me). My friend and I actually talked to Ashleigh for a bit and she was super sweet!

Soooo does this mean I’m basically apart of the cast now?!…jk but a girl can dream right??


On Saturday I went back to downtown with a few of my friends because we ALL wanted to find the boys of Riverdale (haha shocker I know). We eventually saw a glimpse of them from a far which was really cool, but the highlight of my day was meeting Emery Kelly from the band Forever in Your Mind and Netflix original sitcom Alexa and Katie.✨

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Meeting Emery was so cool because he was truly the sweetest person ever and so nice to talk to! So, if by chance Emery you’re reading this thank you for being so kind! Also, can I just say he’s even more cuter in person!!

Overall, if you live in the San Diego area and can’t go into Comic Con next year I highly suggest that you hang around downtown while the convention is going on because it’s so much FUN! Plus, you never know who you might run into!



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