My name is Alexis and welcome to A Scorpio’s Style, thanks for stopping by!

Born and raised in the heart of San Diego, California, I started this blog as an escape from everyday life and to document the things I adore — whether that be my favorite fashion trends of the season, social media tips, or cool events I get to attend in Los Angeles.

I came up with my name ‘A Scorpio’s Style’ because well my zodiac sign is a scorpio and I love writing about all things fashion and lifeSTYLE.

So I said, “A Scorpio’s Style it is,” plus I wanted my website name to be different and stand out amongst the sea of a million other bloggers haha.

A few fun facts about me is that…

☆ I am a student at Chapman University (go panthers) majoring in Communications and minoring in Digital Storytelling

☆ I am left-handed

☆ My dream job is to work for E! News

☆ I love Disneyland and will literally go there just for the churros lol

☆ I enjoy going to many and I mean MANY concerts

I hope you got to know me a little better after reading this short bio, and that you stick around to follow me on this journey!

My goal is to inspire others in their everyday life and encourage them to chase their dreams, just like how I’m chasing mine. ♡