Hey babes! Happy Monday!

This past Saturday I went to 97.1 AMP Radio’s “We Can Survive” Concert at The Hollywood Bowl to watch some of my favorite artists perform and oh man did I have the time of my life! But, for those of you who don’t know what “We Can Survive” is it’s a benefit concert that’s 97.1 AMP radio has been hosting for the past 6 years and for every ticket sold a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Young Survival Coalition to help in the fight against breast cancer. That makes my heart so happy because my aunt is a breast cancer survivor.♡

This concert is like the best of both world because it’s helping out a great cause and brought so many people together to jam out to some of today’s hottest pop stars aka SHAWN MENDES. My mom surprised me with front row tickets (I SCREAMED) as an early birthday present because she knows how badly I’ve wanted to see Shawn close #bestmomever! I seriously cannot thank her enough because Shawn touched my hand TWICE when he came over to our side (oh Charlie Puth did too but can we just take a moment for Shawn LOL)! Oh, I was also wearing a shirt from Forever 21 that said “Birthday Girl,” and I’m 99% sure that some of the performers were trying to read what it said haha.

I was in awe of how close I was to the stage and all of the performers! I could literally see them sweat haha. I’m not used to being that close to the stage because my mom and I never buy floor tickets, but now that I’ve seen Shawn perform that close I almost don’t wanna go back to sitting far up?, you feel me? Kind of? Sort of??

On another note, I was able to take SO many good pictures and videos that it was a night I won’t forget! My mom took some pretty good pictures too with her new iPhone. (**her’s are the ones that are a little further away)

But, my favorite picture that I took that night has to be this one of Shawn singing his heart out. I def snapped the photo at the right time!?

↓Swipe to see the rest of the pictures that my mom and I took↓

[metaslider id=1419]

This benefit concert was amazing in so many ways from the stellar line-up featuring Shawn Mendes, Khalid, Charlie Puth, and more to having activities to do before the show even started. I also love how music brings people together and starts new friendships! I met this sweet girl at the concert who was there with her mom, and we bonded so fast over our love for Shawn and Charlie. The whole night we were total fan girls who screamed off of the top of our lungs for our favorite performers.

So, thank you 97.1 AMP Radio for hosting a fantastic event and bringing all the music lovers together. I even left the concert with a bruise on my arm because people kept pushing up on me during Shawn’s set?, but that’s okay because it was SO worth it.

I can’t wait for next year’s concert!



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