Hey loves! Happy Wednesday!

Today I’m back with another Youtube video (that sounds so weird to say ahh! I still can’t believe that I started a Youtube channel haha) all about how to stay organized for the new year!

2019 means that you have a fresh start of a 365 page book. So obviously we need to write a good one, don’t you agree. I personally love starting off the year “spring cleaning” my room because it gets me pumped for the rest of the year. Also, I find cleaning to be VERY satisfying and therapeutic for me!

In today’s video I’m sharing with you guys my five tips and tricks to staying organized and kicking off 2019 with a bang☆!

Tip #1: Utilize the reminders app and download Google Calendar to make sure that you’re keeping track of everything! The last thing you want is to forget a homework assignment at the beginning of a new semester…that’s not a good look.

Tip #2: Buy a planner!! That is all!

…but seriously buy one because it will literally save your life and help you see what needs to get done!

If you want to buy my planner click here! Anthropologie is always coming in clutch with the cutest things!

Tip #3: Clean your room! It’s as simple as that! When your room is clean and spiffy you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! Plus, who doesn’t love a clean room?!

Tip #4: Buy a storage box for school papers, tech accessories, or simple to store all of your concert tickets (like a memory box).

Links to some cute storage boxes → Ikea

The Container Store


Tip #5: Invest in some good makeup organizers! Look, if you are a makeup hoarder like myself, I highly recommend you buy one of these organizers because it will help you organize products by size as well as help you see what you have and don’t have! That way we don’t go out buying another concealer when there’s plenty of them at home!

Here’s a few links to some AMAZING makeup organizers that are similar to mine → Bed Bath & Beyond

The Container Store


Well, those are my tips and tricks to staying organized in 2019 (as well as the rest of the year). I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and let me know how you stay organized! Do you even like to clean? lol. Let me know in the comments below!

As always if you have any requests for future videos PLEASE comment them down below or message me! Your input is greatly appreciated!♡




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